Welcome to GameStar

GameStar proudly brings video games to you.  GameStar provides video game parties on location, whether it’s at your house, at the mall, at a festival, or anywhere.  Plan your next birthday party on the GameStar party bus.  Kids of all ages love GameStar, and we proudly serve Sarasota, and will be opening in other Florida markets shortly.  GameStar proudly features the following consoles: XBOX 360, Play Station 3, and Nintendo Wii.  Play your favorite game; our list includes, but is not limited to Halo, Mario Brothers, Super Mario Brothers, Spiderman, Star Wars, Madden Football, Tony Hawk, Burnout Revenge, The Incredible Hulk, The Incredibles.

GameStar is the hottest new franchise, utilizing cutting edge technology in entertainment to provide hours of video gaming fun!

Video Games, video games, video games, video games…..that’s what GameStar loves!  If you love video games, than you’ll love GameStar!

GameStar proudly hosts tournaments on the following gaming consoles: XBOX 360 live, Play Station 3, and Nintendo Wii.

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